Beyonce Baby Rumours: Star Wheels Two Prams On Stage During Concert

Beyonce has gone one step further to poke fun at baby rumours circulating this weekend, by wheeling two prams on stage during her Zurich gig on Friday night. 

Earlier in the day, E! News published a story claiming “multiple sources” had confirmed that the singer was pregnant with her second child. Despite both Beyonce and and Jay-Z‘s reps declining to comment, the news outlet said that sources close to the couple had confirmed that baby number two is “definitely” on the way. 

Beyonce responded by posting a message to her Instagram page, reading: “I can’t stop the rumours from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.” (sic) 

The message was swiftly deleted, we’re assuming because the star found a far more comical way to address the reports. 

During her Zurich performance, two of the singer’s dancers wheeled out pushchairs while she belted out her rendition of Grown Woman, according to the Metro. 

We’re sure some might say that this is Bey’s way of confirming the baby news, but we’ll wait until we hear it directly from the songstress’ lips before we go buying balloons and baby clothes. 

Over to you, Bey… 

By Rebecca Martin, 20th May 2013

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