So There Was Something Going On Between Beyoncé And Adele At The Grammys

It's safe to say that Adele is definitely part of the Beyhive...

Adele looked absolutely gorgeous at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

The 28-year-old opted for a green Givenchy gown, walking the carpet in the floor-length number, and she swept her hair into a relaxed undo. But she was also sporting a very particular piece of jewellery – yup, that looks very much like a lemon brooch on her right-hand shoulder.


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We can’t help but feel that this was a subtle nod to the one and only Beyoncé.

Considering that the Hello singer has always been very vocal about her admiration for the Lemonade star, we don’t think that this is too much of a jump.

There’s also the tiny fact that the pair seemed to have something of girlmance going on during the awards show, which was hosted in LA last night.

Adele beat Beyoncé to Song of the Year, but as she made her way up to the stage to collect her Grammy Award, Adele was seen mouthing the words ‘I love you’ to her fellow singer.

adele gif

What’s more, Adele also scooped the prize for Record of the Year and Album of the Year. But her speeches had a running theme – yup, they highlighted once again how much love and respect she has for Bey.

She said, ‘And, of course, my dream, my dream and my idol is queen bee, and I adore you. You move my soul every single day. And you have done for nearly 17 years. I adore you, and I want you to be my mom, all right?’

During Album of the Year, she continued, ‘But I can’t possibly accept this award, and I’m very humbled and very grateful and gracious but my life is Beyoncé, and the album to me, the Lemonade album, Beyoncé, was so monumental, and so well thought out. And so beautiful and soul bearing and we all got to see another side of you that you don’t always let us see, and we appreciate that.’

And just look at Beyoncé please…


Twitter had something to say about it too.