The Trailer For The Slenderman Documentary Is Here And We Have Chills

Coming soon to HBO, here's everything you need to know about Beware The Slenderman...

Slenderman is an internet myth that’s been around for YEARS.

But it became a little too real after a tragic murder brought the cult legend into the mainstream.

If, like us, you’ve been catapulted into a true-crime documentary binge following the viral hit Making A Murderer, then this new film, coming to HBO, might be next.

Delving into the world of myth-meets-true-crime, HBO has teamed up with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky to look into the supernatural tale of the Slenderman and the crime it’s reported to have influenced.

Entitled Beware the Slenderman, this documentary is sure to give you chills. We mean, just look at the poster…

Image: HBO

If you haven’t heard of this spine-tingling character before now, Slenderman is an eerie figure who pops up in the background of old black and white photographs.

Slenderman first originated, according to the Washington Post, in an online forum back in 2009, which saw users Photoshopping old pictures which they shared along with elaborate back stories.

Since then, he’s become a thing of internet legend, with endless ‘sighting’ pictures doing the rounds and going viral.

Slenderman may be a work of cyber fiction, but it apparently influenced an attack that was, unfortunately, very real. In 2014, two young girls were charged with stabbing their 12-year-old friend in the woods of Wisconsin.

According to the Independent, they first claimed that they did it ‘to show devotion to Slenderman’ and ‘to prove he’s real…’, but they have since pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial.

The documentary focuses on this ‘Boogeyman’ and has ‘heart-breaking’ access to the suspects’ families.

Beware The Slenderman‘s HBO air date is yet to be announced, but here’s the trailer to keep you going…