The 19 Most Hilarious Love Island 2017 Tweets That’ll Make Your Day

These have been keeping us SO entertained this summer...

Not only has this series of Love Island been just as dramatic as we’d hoped, but the tweets this year have really outdone themselves.

While the hour long episodes each night never fail to shock us, we can always rely on Twitter day and night for the BEST reactions. Here are our favourites…

1) The way Mike denied sleeping with Jess after leaving the villa… Yeah, we didn’t buy it, either.

2) Unsurprisingly, THAT cold stare from Jonny went viral.

3) Jonny’s behaviour did not make him a fan favourite, to put it lightly.

4) Err… When the lads all wore the same outfit one night?!

5) Kem had some fun in Casa Amore, and Twitter certainly enjoyed it.

6) We literally couldn’t get enough of Montana’s consistent snacking in times of trouble.

7) THAT collaboration between Run KMC and Stormzy will go down in Love Island history.

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8) Okay, this is what we’re all thinking, right? Kem and Chris for the win.

9) When viewers thought there was a total stranger in Gabby’s bed…

10) Seeing Camilla come out of her shell like Sandy from Grease made us all feel nostalgic.

11) Kermit The Frog reactions summed up some of the moments perfectly, especially the Jess/Mike/Dom saga.

12) How accurate are these impressions!?

13) Stormzy had Chris’s back when it came to Olivia, and got us hoping for a post-Island #1 single.

14) Girls, we’ve ALL been there, right?

15) The pre-Love Island organisation is KEY… Snacks? Check. Drink? Check. Phone charged so I can regularly look at memes? Check.

16) Let’s face it, this is all of us…

17) This picture of a thoughtful Chris almost broke the internet…

18) Safe to say a lot of viewers would agree with this. Sorry, Liv.

19) This was one of the BEST reactions to ANYTHING EVER…

Oh Love Island, how we’ll miss you…

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By Emily Jefferies