The Results Of The 2015 Instagrammies Are In


Healthy (Eye) Candy

Joe has picked up an army of devoted fans (528k to be precise) as The Body Coach who all love his chatty feed full of body transformations, healthy burgers (yes really) and, of course, some lovely shots of his own pretty-much-perfect body. And his hype has gone from Insta to the real world – he’s releasing a new book end of the month!


Hottest Man


Thank you Internet Gods. Becks joined Instagram in May, sharing a topless in-bed snap of himself on his birthday (a real present for us all) and since then he has shared snap after snap of him working out (hey biceps) and being the perfect dad. Lucky, lucky Posh.


Humble Bragger


Whether she’s munching on cheetos and supping wine and showing off her rock hard abs or proclaiming she has nothing to wear while surrounded by clothes, dear Kate is the one account we just love to hate-follow. Nothing against you Ms Hudson, your life is just too perfect!


Nail Inspo


We would totally fly to NYC for a quick manicure with these guys, but for now we’ll have to settle with their Insta instead. From holographic designs to intricate turquoise swirls their unique – and sophisticated – nail art gives us serious talon envy.


Model Life


2015 has been Kendall’s year. She hit the stage with Taylor Swift alongside bestie Cara Delevigne then choppered it to Glasto, snagged her dream job walking for Victoria’s Secret and on top off all that scored the most Instagram likes ever with her heart-shaped hair. Yep, even beating sis Kim K’s 2014 wedding. Snap.


Food Porn


Fed up of green smoothies and avo-toast blocking up your feed? Then this is the account for you. 2015 saw Vicky creating the donuts of our dreams, covering them in sparkles, filling them with ice cream and even creating mini party ring donuts. The ultimate antidote to a year of #eatclean.


Break Up Bounce Back


There was no sobbing into an ice cream tub for this Little Mixer, after she split from boyfriend of four years Zayn Malik. Instead she focused on having the best time and looking pretty darn amazing while at it. Snaps with hot men? Check. Showcasing that body in skimpy outfits? Check. Supping champs with her besties? Check. Zayn, who?


Biggest Sensation


Once just ‘the funny guy on Instagram’ this year Josh Ostrovsky AKA The Fat Jewish has taken over the world. His account which pokes fun at everything and everyone, which he started just over a year ago, now has 6.8 million followers and he even had his own show at NY Fashion Week. Accepted by the fash pack and he’s hilarious. Must-follow.


The A-Lister Bestie


Selfies with Alexa, Kim K, Rihanna… Is there a hot A-Lister who Balmain designer Olivier doesn’t know?! He also spent much of 2015 hanging on the red carpet with Gigi and Kendall who both modelled his much-sought after range for H&M which sold out in seconds. Oh yes, and he swept Jourdan Dunn off her feet at The British Fashion Awards. Love him.


Grandma Goals


Outrageous clothing. Onesies covered with marijuana leaves and lots of twerking. No, we’re not talking Miley. We’re talking 87-year-old Helen Van Winkle whose young-at-heart Insta led her to hanging out with Ms Cyrus herself at the VMAs, as well as Gwen Stefani.  


 Cute Couple

@taylorswift @calvinharris

These two are not a big fan of the OTT PDA, but that didn’t stop us from Insta-stalking them after they began dating in May. There was the time Calvin posted a pic of Taylor’s cat Olivia Benson and we got mega excited as he was round hers. Or when he posted a super-cute snap of Tay-Tay at her Independence Day BBQ. And when Taylor flaunted her love it was good, including snaps of snuggles on the back of a blow-up swan and that perfectly posed piggy back. These two proved it’s all about quality, rather than quantity when it comes to flaunting your bae online.


Holiday Cash Flashers


If her Insta is anything to go by, Bey pretty much spent 99% of 2015 on a luxury yacht. Or a private jet. Yep, we tried to live our lives through the superstar who jetted off on holiday after holiday after holiday spending a reported billion on it all – and ‘grammed it all, looking drop-dead as per.


Cuteness Overload


Too. Cute. For. Words. This was the account to follow for awwwing over Princess Charlotte, after she was born in May this year. But don’t forget about wee George! He celebrated his second birthday with some very cute, very toothy snaps of him crawling over his dad.


Ultimate Empowerment


She was forced off Twitter this year by trolls but Lena has remained funny, confident and gorgeous as ever on Insta. From rocking crop tops, posting many a no-make up selfie and refusing to conform to what the haters want of her, we’ve spent much of the year wishing we could high-five Lena for always encouraging us just to be ourselves.