WATCH: LOOK’s Ultimate Easter Egg Taste Test

We rated (and gorged on) a range of chocolate eggs, all for the good of the British public #selfless

Easter is here and it’s time to put our extensive chocolate-eating experience to the test.

LOOK‘s Anna and Laura Jane sampled (read: stuffed their faces with) a range of Easter treats to compile our definitive guide, so you can be sure that the egg you choose is as good as its extremely pretty outer shell. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it.*

*and we do feel quite sick now.

Ranging in price from £3.99 to £35, this is what they thought…

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Aldi Moser Roth Single Original Easter Egg, £4.99

This looks far classier than its price, and for dark chocolate lovers, it’s a total winner.

Also, props to the cute decorations.

Anna: 4/5

Laura: 3/5

Aldi Dairyfine Giant Easter Bunny, £3.99

If you’re trying to save your pennies this Easter, this is the egg for you. It might be cheep and cheerful (we mean, just look at that lil’ fella’s face), but it still tastes seriously good.

Anna: 4.5/5

Laura: 4/5

Guylian Seashell Milk Chocolate And Praline Easter Egg, £9

We all know the familiar milky taste of Guylian, so if you’re a fan, you’ll want this in your trolley.

Excellent. ‘Nuff said.

Anna: 4.75/5

Laura: 5/5

ASDA Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Easter Egg, £7.00

Anything salted caramel gets a thumbs up from us, so we were LOVING the oozing mini pieces that came with this egg.

It’s very, very rich, so there’s a good chance you’ll fall into a chocolate coma shortly after consumption. Not that we’re complaining.

Anna: 4.75/5

Laura: 5.5/5

Lindt Lindor Milk Shell Egg, £8.99

This proved a little divisive among our gals. Laura admits she isn’t too keen on Lindt chocolate (say WHAAAT?), which was reflected in her score.

However, Anna was totally into it. And may have smuggled the rest of it home.

Anna: 5/5

Laura: 2.5/5

Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Egg, £35

This is by far the most expensive egg on our list, so we were expecting a lot – and happily, it didn’t disappoint.

With treats hidden inside and a shell consisting of rich dark, white and milk chocolate, Anna describes it as ‘going on a journey’. She might have been a bit high on sugar at this point, mind.

Anna: 6/5

Laura: 4.5/5