Make Loads Of Money… Doing Nothing

We all want more money – that’s pretty much a given, right? But our major shopping habit kind of gets in the way of that…


Which is why we’re getting a bit couponing old lady and going onto cashback sites. And actually we no longer feel the need to be ashamed of this anymore – as cashback has officially become cool. After all these sites offer you moneyback or vouchers for simply spending on the sites we do anyway, like asos, GAP and boden (the place for Instagrammable shoes)

So bookmark these guys… and get shopping (we don’t need to tell you twice)




Thought AirMiles were just for super fancy business people? Think again. Avios is the new name for air miles – and you can collect points on everything from your food shop, clothes and even the gas you put in your car. You collect up to twelve points for every pound you spend with hundreds of brands, by simply logging into your avios account and clicking on the shop you would be spending at anyway. And what do points mean? PRIZES. Well, travel and amazing experiences.

And there’s so much you can do! We recently experienced an amazing spa trip to Bannatyne Spa, Fairfield, and a trip to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at Theatre Royal Drury Lane – all paid for with our travel rewards currency avios points. The website even has a cool calculator, in which you can see what you could earn in a year – and it includes flights all over the world (though tbh our eyes are set on Disneyland) Find out how much you can do here.



LOOK’s Giselle Wainwright has made over £100 in the last year from this site. Yep, that got your attention right?! If you’re planning any purchases online you simply search the database on the website, and go through to the website you want, buy the item and within 30 days the money will appear in your Quidco account. The amount you can earn depends on the offers on that month, at the moment it’s 8% cashback on anything from Dorothy Perkins and 3% cashback at Net A Porter.



Working in a very similar way to Quidco, you log in through the site and do your shopping – it’s best to check in with them as well as Quidco to look for competing offers. They’re really good for lump sums back and for holidays (at the moment it’s 12.5% from expedia)



Aimed at women this cashback site offers good deals on fashion and beauty especially, including 5.5% off a and 6.5% off cult beauty – so check in with them before stocking up.