So *This* Is Officially The Most Attractive British Accent

Each little regional pocket of the British Isles has it’s own unique accent. 

Voices can be a seriously attractive trait, don’t you agree? But have you ever wondered which one is the most desired? Well, now you don’t have to. 

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A YouGov poll has gone and answered that one for you. Neat, huh? 

We won’t make you wait a second longer. Top of the charts is none other than the Southern Irish accent. 



Think Michael Fassbender and Danny O’Donoghue. Oh, swoon. 

Just missing out on the top spot is Received Pronunciation.



Yup, for all those Royal lovers out there (we’re right there with you), Prince William and our very own eligible batchelor Harry both have extremely attractive accents.

AS IF you needed a survey to tell you that… 



And those Made In Chelsea lads aren’t too bad either. 

Third in the top five comes the Welsh twang.

>What a silver fox… 

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Sir Tom Jones and Chrisitian Bale are just a few examples of famous Welsh-bred hunks. 



Fourth comes Yorkshire and in fifth place, according to this survey, is the West Country accent. 

The least popular of the British Isles accents is Glaswegian, closely followed by classic London Cockney slang…

>We love your accent, DD. 


We hope they’re not too Scotch mist about it…

By Laura Jane Turner