Best Box Sets: The New TV Shows To Watch Online

The Walking Dead… Scandal… Orange Is The New Black… Want to watch a series online, but don’t know where to start? Browsed Netflix movies for so long your eyes hurt, but found nothing? Don’t worry – some old, some new, some somewhere in between, we’ve found something to suit you whatever your mood…



> Krysten Ritter will play Jessica Jones


AKA Jessica Jones

Mood: Invincible. Nothing in the world can bring you down and what better place to find inspiration than from new superhero on the block Jessica Jones. The series trailer has only just been released and Netflix won’t debut the show until November 20th but we’re so excited we just had to include this one. For now, it’s back to honing in on our superhero skills..

> The Spice Girls have nothing on these two. NOTHING

The Good Wife OR Scandal

Mood: Blazer over the top of your pyjamas? Check. Shoulder pads in your pyjamas? Double check. Yup, you couldn’t be more ‘Girl Power’ if you were wearing platform Union Jack shoes and singing Blondie anthems at the top of your lungs. No man is going to screw you over, even if he’s the President of the United States. Oh, and you own at least five different mobile phones, for ‘business’.

> Want to watch two men with receding hairlines get scheming? These are for you

House Of Cards OR Breaking Bad

Mood: You don’t quite want to break out a book and start reading, but you quite want to sound intelligent when you get back to work on Tuesday and your colleagues ask how you wasted your weekend. Also you quite like watching middle aged men forced to confront the fact they’re getting old.


> Zombies & visually impaired superheroes – what more could your imagination want?

The Walking Dead OR Daredevil

Mood:Reality sucks. You’re literally the only person in the whole country who has to go to work tomorrow, you just stubbed your big toe on a loose floorboard, and your housemate has used up all the toilet roll – meaning the next 12 hours will be a constant battle between abusing your expensive facewipes or relying on the cardboard inner tube. It’s time to transport yourself to a different world. Preferably one featuring zombies, blind superheroes and/or basic levels of hygiene.

> Perfect if you need cheering up, or you just enjoy a bit of colour blocking…

Kimmy Schmidt OR The Mindy Project

Mood:Honestly, all you want to do right now is watch Bridesmaids. Or Pitch Perfect. Followed by Bridesmaids again. But unfortunately you left all of your DVDs at your best friend’s house last week, where the two of you ate three Dominoes pizzas in a row and Instagram stalked Taylor Swift’s relationship with Calvin Harris – before you both fell asleep spooning on the sofa at 7:30pm. 

> Yeah yeah, OK, so Desperate Housewives isn’t new. But it’s still AMAZING

Orange Is The New Black OR Desperate Housemates

Mood:You accidentally may have, possibly, kind of found a fiver on the floor of a shop two hours ago and pocketed it instead of handing it in, and now you want to feel better about yourself by remembering that there are people out there with much more questionable morals.

> For the workaholic who loves bureaucracy and hates her boss

Parks And Recreation OR The Office (US)

Mood: Damn, it’s a bank holiday? Really? You love your job so much that you just can’t bear to be away from it for three whole days. In fact, if you don’t immediately transport yourself to a world of air conditioned working environments, boardrooms full of bored people and that colleague who you’d quite like to hit over the head with a hole punch, you might go insane.