TOWIE: The Best Bobby Norris Quotes

The Only Way Is Essex returns to our screens this Sunday and we just can’t wait. Aside from the dramatic tantrums and tears we’ll be tuning in to hear what gems our fave TOWIE star, Bobby Norris, comes out with next.

The Only Way Is Essex is undoubtedly one of the funniest reality TV shows out there. As Denise van Outen points out during every episodes’ opening credits, all these people are real, and that perhaps is what makes TOWIE even more entertaining. There’s at least one cast member that we can all relate to and the awkward/ hilarious/ cringe/ ridiculous scenarios they get themselves into are, at times, slightly extreme but all *totally* believable. There’s always a rocky on-off relationship (from Mark and Lauren’s endless engagement in season 1 to Megan and Pete’s most recent heated rows) and a scene where one cast member has been caught out bitching about another (pretty much every season/ episode EVER!). But amidst the relationship breakdowns, catfights and ego wars there’s those comedic moments that literally have us all LOLing in our seats. And there is one character in particular to thank for that…

… Of course we are talking about Bobby Norris. Remember that time in season 4 when he made his first TOWIE on-screen appearance and Lydia Bright mistook him for Gok Wan? (We were totally fooled too, Lyd!) From that moment on we knew this man was going to be comedy gold and he hasn’t let us down since. We can’t think of a single person in the history of reality TV who has been better at reeling off witty one liners, metaphors and mantras. To give your memories a refresh here’s the best Bobby Norris quotes (to date – we can’t wait to hear what corkers he’s going to come out with in season 20!)

Bobby on Ferne’s strong personality:

Bobby telling Gemma how to be a little more tactful during an argument:

Bobby when trying to find out new goss:


Bobby after hearing that ex-bf, Harry, had been checking up on him:

(Gemma quickly corrected, ‘you mean MI5?’)

Bobby on giving Gemma massages:

Bobby on relationships:

Bobby whilst watching Lockie get a wax:

Bobby on Gemma’s fertility (during an apology for referring to her eggs as ‘scrambled’):

Bobby on his (one of many) fights with The GC:

(Sorry Bobby but we defo think we’ve caught you in worse things – That Marbella Mankini perhaps?)