4 At-Home Workouts We’re Obsessed With

Want Kate Hudson’s killer body? Millie Mackintosh’s abs? But aren’t up for trekking out in the cold for some gym time. No matter. Here’s our round up of the very best at home workouts we’re loving right now to get an A-list bod without leaving the house…

Millie Mackintosh’s Ballet Barre Workout

The former MIC star and fashion designer is our ultimate poster girl for fitness. So you can imagine how excited we were when she revealed her Ballet Barre workout. “Ballet barre is a combination of ballet and Pilates,” Millie told LOOK. And instead of heading to the studio, you can just use a back of a chair. After six months of doing these classes I noticed that my bum hadlifted. It’s improved my co-ordination, posture and flexibility too.”

Millie Mac stretching it out

The Booty Belt Workout

Kate Hudson just introduced us to our new fitness obsession – the Booty Belt. The brand new device, which has created a storm on social media, tones the glutes and tightens the thighs via a series of resistance bands, and Kate’s said to be “obsessed” with the contraption. “The variation of exercises that the belt provides actually tone, lift, round the gluteus,” says Booty Belt founder and personal trainer, Dominic Blanks. “But it also works in on the hard to reach abdominal and thigh regions.” Simply tie it around your waist and ankles then putting your feet through the elasticated hoops. Then get down on your knees, with one on the ground, extending your leg all the way out then lower down. Then switch and repeat with the other leg, to lift and tone muscles. “To activate the tension, keep that other foot on the ground while you are performing the exercise,” Dominic says. “This tones the quad and burns a lot more calories by making the body work harder.”

The Booty Belt

The Core Body Workout

Whether you’re a workout newbie or fitness fantatic, you need NTC on your phone. The genius app is separated into four categories: Get Lean (high-interval cardio), Get Toned (light weights and interval training), Get Strong (increased weights and reps to build strength) and Get Focused. Get Focused is a favourite with the busy LOOK team as the longest workout is 21 minutes long. Don’t be fooled though – just because they’re shorter doesn’t make them any easier, even the five minute ones are killer. Workouts come from Olympic champions, A-list sportswomen like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova and Nike celeb ambassador Ellie Goulding, and you can also create your own workout programme according to level of fitness. The Sport Feed allows you and your friends to post pictures, and the app has just introduced.

High Intensity workouts your thing?

Power Yoga

Basically like carrying around your own personal yoga studio, the Pocket Yoga app will guide you through 27 routines and hundreds of poses, designed for different goals. ‘Ocean’ is all about a cardio workout, ‘Desert’ focuses on detox and flexibility and ‘Mountain’ is power yoga style, and each one comes in 30, 45 and 60 minute options. You can practise the ancient art of stretching and breathing at your own pace, while detailed voice and video instructions explain the moves. Each pose has a detailed write up about why it will benefit your health, and the regimes are designed by experienced yoga instructors. You can also preview a practice to see if it is right for you before beginning, and the app will track your heart rate, calories burned and progress.

Yoga bunnies will love this app to use at home

By Chloe Gipson and Emma Firth