Abs Workouts: 3 A-list Trainers Share Their Hero Moves

Hands up whose fitness regime has been put on the back burner of late? Guilty. But with summer looming, we’ve determined to get back on track in the ab department. So let’s all get little help from the top trainers the A-listers love…

The Trainer…
Astrid Swan

Instagram is a great source of fitness motivation and workout inspiration and at the moment Astrid Swan’s account is our most loved for keeping our ab workout ideas fresh.  

The Abs Workout…A core sculpting exercise we’ve adopted from her is the rotational plank. Start this by getting into the original side plank position with your forearm on the ground and other arm extended to the ceiling. Whilst keeping your hips still, clench your core and rotate your torso to bring your right arm under your body. Stretch under your body keeping your abs tight, then twist it back up to the side plank position. Astrid recommends doing as may reps as you can in 45 seconds on each side for maximum effect.

Star Power…She trains the likes of Jessica Alba. Well, if it’s good enough for Alba!

> @astrid_swan


The Trainer…
Ashley Borden

Her workouts and exercises are available over a range of social media outlets, which is great for when we fancy learning a new exercise. We love that she shares both beginner and advanced workouts, and if you’re looking for a core exercise that will really challenge you, we’ve got just the thing.

The Abs Workout…Ashley shares both beginners and advanced workouts but if you’re looking for a core exercise that will really challenge you, we’ve got just the thing! Ab rollouts require a roller wheel, which you can usually find at your gym or you can buy for less than £5 online (physioroom.com). First start on all fours with the roller on the floor in your hands. Then clench your core, whilst keeping your knees still, use the roller to lower your body all the way to the floor with your arms stretched out in front of you. Then use your stomach muscles to roll yourself from the lying position back up onto all fours. During the exercise your knees and back should stay still for the whole rep, it should only be your arms that change from being vertical to horizontal.

Star Power…She has a more than impressive portfolio of celebrity clients including Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera and Reese Witherspoon.

> @ashleybordenfitness


The Trainer…
Mark Langowski

He shares fitness videos on his popular Instagram account @bodybymarkwellness that will give you great ideas of moves to incorporate into your own workouts.His social media allows us to learn plenty of tricks and tips to whip you into shape from the comfort of your own home. Win Win!

Star Power…Mark is a trainer to some of the most famous news anchors in the US and has many celeb clients (although he says he can’t name specifically who).

The Abs Workout…Grab and tea towel and you’re ready to go; start in the mid-push up position with your arms straight out in the front of you and legs straight behind. Lift one leg up and place a tea towel under the foot that is still on the ground – this’ll make it easier for this foot to move position as you do this workout. Bring your grounded leg into your chest so you knee connects with your pec, then extend it back behind you. If you’re really wanting to feel the burn, do a quick push up and then repeat as many times as you can in a minute, then switch legs and do the other side.

> @bodybymarkwellness


By Catherine Delves