You Won’t *Believe* What EastEnders’ Beppe Looks Like Now

Do you ever lie awake at night wondering… ‘What is Beppe from EastEnders up to these days?’

Well, probably not. But now we’ve jogged your memories, we’re pretty sure you’re thinking something along those lines.

He was the smooth Italian with the gruff voice and that famous goatee. Played by Michael Greco, the eldest di Marco brother roamed the Square from 1998-2002.

EastEnders Beppe Beppe arrived on the Square with his family in 1998


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He first arrived in Walford with his mum Rosa, younger brother Gianni and sisters Teresa and Nicky.

Originally a police officer, he was fired from the force for attempting to frame Grant Mitchell. Tut tut. He then went into business with Steve Owen, managing happening nightspot E20.


And when it came to the ladies… well, there was Tiffany, Sam, Lynne, as well as a number of unnamed women. There was even a storyline about a minor STD. Cripes.

But let’s move on from Beppe and talk about Michael. Now 45, he took a break from acting to become a professional poker player. However, he’s now treading the boards again.

After living it up LA for the past few years, he’s back in the UK and appeared on Loose Women earlier today.

EastEnders Beppe Michael Greco appeared on Loose Women today. Um, HELLO


Michael was on the programme to promote new theatre show Exposure: The Musical, while also letting us know what’s he’s been working on for the past 14 years.

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Explaining how he’s looking even BETTER than he did in the 90s, he said: ‘I’m doing intermittent fasting. You fast for 16 hours of the day and eat for eight.

EastEnders Beppe Michael Greco has been a successful poker player


‘It’s a really good way of losing weight, because your body has time to digest the food.

‘When I moved to Los Angeles, the sun is always shining and the pressure to look good in immense. When I started acting again, I wanted to look after myself again.

EastEnders Beppe Yep. That really IS Beppe


‘I gave up meat. I eat some fish. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. I’m in my 40s and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been.’

Well, we have to agree with that one…