Ben Barnes Talks Amanda Seyfried, Sleeping Naked And Free Therapy

Ben Barnes is earning his romcom stripes in hilarious new movie The Big Wedding and not only is he drop dead gorgeous but he’s not bad at the acting bit either. Here the Brit born star talks flying high with Amanda Seyfried, what he wears in bed and being raised by a relationship therapist.

LOOK: Ben, tell us about The Big Wedding.

Ben: It’s all about my adoptive parents who are divorced pretending to still be together for the sake of my birth Mother who is also coming to my wedding.

LOOK: In real life your Dad’s a psychiatrist and your Mum’s a relationship therapist…

Ben: Yeah I get free therapy whenever I want but I have to do it over Skype now!

LOOK: What’s the best advice your parents have given you?

Ben: When I was young I used to get bullied at school and my Dad used to say ‘success is the best revenge’. I found a t-shirt a few years ago that said ‘success is the best revenge’ on it and I got quite emotional in the shop.

LOOK: You once said you don’t wear pyjamas to bed, is that true?

Ben: I sometimes wear bottoms if it’s very cold.

LOOK: Is there a lucky lady in your life to keep you warm?

Ben: There is not one at the moment but I’m always on the lookout!

LOOK: Your Big Wedding co-star Amanda Seyfried has admitted she quite fancies you…

Ben: Well, I was in San Diego and I got a call saying ‘do you want to get on a plane with Amanda?’ so I said ‘Yep’. It was cool because there was a free bar and no one else on the plane. We’re very good friends now.

LOOK: You’re from south London but live in LA, do you get food shipped over from England?

Ben: I live with a mate from England and this week he found a British shop and came back with milk chocolate digestives, Weetabix and Ribena. It was absolutely brilliant!

The Big Wedding is in cinemas on 29th May and you can read an interview with Ben’s co-star Katherine Heigl in this week’s issue of LOOK, out now.

By Gemma Calvert, 21st May 2013

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