Disney’s Latina Princess Causes Row For Bella Thorne

The Disney Channel have shared a first glimpse at their very first Latina princess, Elena. And oh my, is she a beaut.

Bella Thorne, who is Cuban on her father’s side, didn’t take too long to share the news with her Instagram following. The American star posted a picture of Princess Elena along with a caption showing how proud she is of her own Latin roots. And quite right too.

Her post read: ‘#finally a Latina princess !!!! Oh my god I hope they make a movie for her!!! So excited !! #Latina #iamlatina #proud #cuban’.


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This all sounds pretty positive, doesn’t it?

Well, unfortunately a lot of her fans hit back against her, apparently claiming that she isn’t Latina enough to relate to a Latina princess. Hmmm.

The idea that a Latina needs to have tanned skin or darker hair is highly inaccurate. And trolling of any kind is never okay.


Many Instagram users defended Bella against the haters.

We think it’s great that Disney is branching out.

And we agree with Bella, we’d love to see an Elena movie.