Bella Hadid Looks Lonely On Valentine’s Day After New Pictures of Her Ex Emerge

The model has been opening up about her break-up with The Weeknd, so this has got to have been difficult..

She recently opened up about just how hard her split from The Weeknd really was, so it’s no surprise that Bella Hadid didn’t look particularly happy on Valentine’s Day.

Looking gorgeous as ever, the model was spotted strolling through New York City on Tuesday, hiding behind a pair of dark sunglasses. Of course, she was probably just going about her daily business, but after hearing her open up about her recent break-up, we can imagine that February 14th wasn’t the easiest of days for her.

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Bella Hadid

Not long before her solo outing, Bella’s ex-beau was spotted getting pretty cosy to his new lady, Selena Gomez, on a yacht in Los Angeles.

The photos, published by TMZ, show the pair enjoying some alone time.

The rumoured new couple, who have reportedly been dating for a few months, seriously packed on the PDA on the deck of a three level mega yacht.

Bella has taken the high road since the news emerged, but has recently confessed – in an interview with Teen Vogue – that she wasn’t finding the break-up easy.

‘It was my first breakup and so public. As an outsider, you might think I handled it so well, but it’s always in your heart, and you always feel it very heavily,’ she confessed.

‘It’ll be hard for a while. Love hurts, but you have to pull through.

‘I’ll always respect him, and I’ll always love him. Sometimes you want to be sad about it or handle it differently, but at the end of the day, you never want to burn a bridge that you’ve fought so hard to build.’

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd perform at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015

See: Bella Hadid Adits Just How Hard Her Break-Up With The Weeknd Really Was

Selena’s ex, Justin Bieber, doesn’t appear to be too happy with the new romance either.

As well as complaining on Instagram that he had no Valentine, he’s also taken several swipes at the Starboy hitmaker, making fun of his music and fame.

Love hurts, indeed.

By Jenni McKnight