How Bella Hadid’s Dealing With The Weeknd And Selena Gomez’s First Selfie

The 20-year-old model has allegedly reacted to THAT picture of her ex and his new lady...

Instagram has been sent into a bit of a tizz this week, with The Weeknd posting his and Selena Gomez’s first official couple selfie.

Yup. It was a biggie.

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Left captionless, the 27-year-old let the romantic image do all the talking. And it’s already racked up an incredible 1m likes.

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But as much as we’re loving the adorable pair, they certainly haven’t been without their fair share of controversy, what with The Weeknd’s high-profile split from model Bella Hadid back in November.

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Bella, 20, has already made her feelings on the romance clear. As paparazzi pictures emerged of The Weeknd – real name Abel Tesfaye – and his new lady back in January, she appeared to hit unfollow on Selena’s Instagram page.

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And it’s now being reported that she’s feeling slightly less excited than the rest of us over The Weeknd’s very public acknowledgement of his relationship.

Which, y’know, is totally understandable. We’ve all been there with an ex, right? Right.

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A source tells Hollywood Life: ‘Bella is annoyed and tired of being overwhelmed with Selena and Weeknd news so she asked her friends to stop sending her stuff.

‘All the social media updates of her ex and his new girlfriend is slowing Bella from moving on so she is taking action.

‘Bella has muted Selena and The Weeknd mentions on her Twitter feed… She is trying to make room for new love in her life and can’t do it when she sees her ex and Selena on dates everyday.’

Let’s watch this space for Bella’s own love life… we definitely think she’s got the right idea about moving on and letting Selena and The Weeknd do their thing!

Alice Perry