We’ve Got Major Beauty And The Beast News For You

Two major stars have just signed on to Beauty and the Beast, only making us more excited for this film...

Update 12/1/17:

One of the things that’s probably on your mind regarding Disney’s forthcoming live action version of Beauty and the Beast is just who will sing the famous duet. Well, it’s been on our mind, anyway, but now we need wait no longer: we know exactly who will be singing the title track.

Ariande Grande and John Legend will join forces to record Beauty and the Beast, which was originally sung by Angela Landsbury in her role as Mrs. Potts before being re-recorded for the soundtrack by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson in 1991. It won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Grammy Award.

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Beauty and the Beast live action movie

John Legend and Ariana Grande will sing the title track of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ together.

There will also be three brand new songs, written by Alan Menken (who co-wrote Beauty and the Beast with Howard Ashman) and Tim Rice, who has written so many hugely famous and successful songs that we can’t even begin to list them. Let’s just say: Aladdin wouldn’t exist without him, and we all know A Whole New World is everyone’s childhood fave.

The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack will be released on 10th March, giving us all a whole seven days to learn the new songs before the film is out. Excitement levels have reached fever pitch.

One Thing You May Not Have Noticed About The Beauty and the Beast Trailer…

We aren’t ashamed to admit that, when we saw that the full length trailer for Beauty And The Beast had been released, we lost our ish a little bit. Okay, a lot.

It was every bit as magical as we’d dreamed it would be. Catching a proper glimpse at Emma Watson’s Belle, hearing Beast’s deep and powerful voice for the first time, and finally meeting an animated Chip the tea cup. Yup. It was 1.59 minutes of pure joy.

Well, except for when Gaston appeared. Because, gorgeous and as much of a darl’ as Luke Evans is, we just can’t get past the ickiness of the character.

Ever since its release, the video has been doing the rounds on the internet, trending pretty much across all forms of social media.

But we’re willing to bet that there’s one big thing you probably didn’t spot when watching it. Even after the eleventh or twelfth viewing (guilty).


The folks over at MoviePilot.com have done a fine job of pointing it out. That is, that the live action movie trailer actually pays homage to the original Disney classic.

In fact, it pretty much mirrors it scene for scene.


Just when we thought that we couldn’t get any more excited for March 17th (which, by the way, is the release date, so you might want to pencil it in. Or, you know, set an alarm.) something else came along and proved us wrong.

We have all of the feels right now.