The Mystery Of Stephen Bear’s Eviction Mask Has Been Solved

Viewers watched as Bear and Renee started a mini row at the end of last night's eviction show. And here's what was going on...

If, like us, you tuned in to last night’s Celebrity Big Brother eviction show, you’ll have noticed that there was an argument breaking out between Stephen Bear and Renee Graziano.

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Seasoned viewers will know that, once Emma Willis signs off for the evening, the final moments are usually reserved for live footage from inside the house.


This is meant to show the housemates’ immediate reactions to the eviction, but last night they appeared to be a little preoccupied with… wait for it… the whereabouts of Bear’s mask.

Yup. Stephen Bear has taken to wearing a feathered masquerade eye mask to face the outcome of the public vote, and this was noticeably absent during the semi final show.

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Katie Waissel and Sam Fox

Katie Waissel and Sam Fox were evicted last night

Having learnt that he’d made it through, and after waving goodbye to Samantha Fox and Katie Waissel, the Ex On The Beach star seemed to turn his attention to his missing prop.

He accused the Mob Wives star of being involved in the ‘theft’ of his ‘property’.

Bear believed that Sam had left the house with it, and that Renee had known all about it.

He told her: ‘You knew it, you think it’s funny. That’s not funny…’

Social media seemed confused by the short clip, with many theories springing up on Twitter:

But, panic over, it appears that Bear has been reunited with his lucky charm.

Apparently, it was under the sofa all along. Phew.

Later on in the evening, Renee could be heard confessing to Aubrey that she’d kicked it under the sofa.

She said: ‘I kicked the mask under the couch. I saw it, and I kicked it. And I would have never told.’

Mystery = solved.