One Thing You’ve Probably *Never* Noticed About Bear’s CBB Appearance

Stephen Bear celebrated his place in the final by shaving his head. But has he been building up to this moment all along?

Stephen Bear is through to the Celebrity Big Brother final. Just let that sink in for a second.

This year’s most controversial housemate has been cursed with eternal nomination, but has still managed to make it through to the final handful of housemates that will battle it out to become the champion of this year’s series.

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Whether you love him or hate him (and, let’s face it, there’s probably not much in-between), there’s really no denying that Bear’s antics have been the talk of the series.

bear khloe khan

Of course, Bear’s relationship with Chloe Khan rocked the house and viewers at home, what with the fact that he went into the house with a girlfriend. And by now we should ALL know exactly what happened there.

But we’ve also witnessed coffee cocktails, food spillages, the promise of pancakes that somehow always end up on the floor, and more wind-ups than we can shake a stick at.

Whether you think he deserves his spot in Friday night’s final or not, he’s made it. And it seems that he’s found a unique way to celebrate.

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In a clip that’s been posted to the official Big Brother website, Bear could be seen taking a moment with himself – and the cameras – in the garden.

He could be heard muttering: ‘Oh my goodness. I’m in the final. What is going on?’

Bear then decidedly added: ‘I need to shave my head. I need to put my fifth stripe in…’


He then jumped up to call on the rest of the housemates, giving the ‘honour’ to Marnie as his ‘closest and best friend in the house’.

But wait. Does this mean that the stripes we’ve been witnessing have been a badge of honour for every eviction that Bear has survived?


We’d be interested – and a little scared – to see what he might do if he does win the whole thing…

Later on, the clip showed him talking to Marnie about their place in the final.


The Ex On The Beach star told her: ‘We’re in the final. The final of, not normal Big Brother, it’s not normal, we’re now celebrities. We’re in the celeb one!

‘We’ve beaten some talented people. Real talent. And they’ve got the right hump.’

He also admitted to the Geordie Shore star that he’d like to be in the final two with her, and that he doesn’t mind who wins between them…