Stephen Bear’s Brother Has Something To Say About Celebrity Big Brother

This year's most controversial housemate has sparked quite the reaction from viewers and the rest of the house. But his brother has just revealed something surprising...

Another day, another piece of the Stephen Bear jigsaw puzzle.

We’ve already reported the news that Bear might have been planning to ‘buy a ring’ for his former girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg before he entered the CBB house.

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Now, someone even closer to home has spoken out about his controversial behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and they paint a pretty different picture.

Talking to Rylan Clark-Neal on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, Bear’s brother, Danny, said: ‘Let me tell you something, he [Bear] might be a wind up but it’s never nasty or personal unlike some who claimed he was a degenerate f******* roofer.’

Danny was no doubt referring to one of the many confrontations between Bear and Renee.

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He continued, ‘I tell you what, Rylan, I’d rather do an honest day’s work like a roofer, which is skilled, or trade like builder, plumber or electrician who built this country. She should never belittle him for doing something he should be proud of.’

And, according to Bear’s brother, he might be very misunderstood: ‘Stevie has got a very tough exterior and can be very hard to read but underneath he’s a beautiful boy. You couldn’t wish to meet a more loving kid. He even rescues pussycats and dotes on his family.’

Stephen Bear girlfriend

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He finished, ‘What you see in him there is a daily occurrence in our household and we never stop laughing. As the old man always says, a day without laughter is a day wasted.’

Well, love him or hate him, he’s certainly providing some entertainment while he’s in there…