BBC Three: We Say Goodbye To The Best Channel Ever!

BBC Three is gone. Well off the box anyway, and TV just won’t be the same. Thousands of people signed a petition to stop the channel from being axed but today the BBC announced that it’s decided to close down BBC3 as a TV channel, instead going completely online in an effort to save money.  The channel, which launched in 2003, has a slew of hit shows that introduced audiences to some major British talent – think James Corden, Jack Whitehall and (swoon) Aidan Turner. 

Let’s take a look back on the brilliant shows the channel launched…

Gavin and Stacey

James Corden may be laughing it up with America across the pond, but he first made his way into our hearts in this laugh-out-loud sitcom about a blossoming romance.  Created and written by James with Ruth Jones, the series was a breakout hit for BBC3, ultimately winning a BAFTA.

> BBC Three is famous for Matt Lucas and David Walliams


Little Britain

Yeah, but, no, but, yeah… Can you imagine life without David Walliams and Matt Lucas? We can’t (and we bet Simon Cowell can’t either!) Without BBC3 this could have been a real possibility. Little Britain was one of the first series to air on the channel, and it introduced these two comic geniuses into our lives.

> BBC Three’s Torchwood



This was seriously sexy. Like waaay more sexy than we ever expected from the BBC and we loved it all the more for it. A spin-off from the hugely popular Doctor Who, Torchwood followed Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), an immortal man from the distant future who leads a team of alien hunters at the fictional Torchwood institute.


> Being Human starred Aidan Turner on BBC Three way before Poldark

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Being Human

Before showing us his gorgeous abs in Poldark, Aidan Turner was making girls swoon in another alpha male role – as John Mitchell, a vampire/flatmate who lived with a werewolf and ghost as they attempted to live out ‘normal’ human lives.  The show was so popular; it was even remade in the US.

> Bad Education had us LOLing in a way only Jack Whitehall can make us


Bad Education

It’s hard to remember a time when ubiquitous Jack Whitehall wasn’t on our screens.  Graduating from his college slacker role in Fresh Meat, Jack got to show his leading man material as Alfie Wickers, ‘the worst teacher ever to grace the British education system’.  The show ended last year, but it’s popularity means The Bad Education Movie is releasing August 21.   

> BBC Three’s Don’t Tell The Bride


Don’t Tell the Bride

Hangover TV at its very best. Our fave reality show sees an engaged couple given £12,000 to spend on their wedding.  The catch?  The groom has the task of organising the whole thing!  Beebs obvs saw the importance of such a show so moved it to BBC1 before BBC3’s going away party.  Phew! 

So there we have it: spawning some of the biggest super stars of the last decade, BBC3 has had a brilliant run. Here’s hoping we’ll get the same quality television online…

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By Norlisa Hanlon Rosslee