Is This The Most Feminist Barbie Ad Ever?

Barbie hasn’t always had the best rep for being a positive role model women – but this seems to be changing. A new Mattel ad called “Imagine The Possibilities” released is it’s most empowering yet, with an important message for young girls – “you can be anything.”

It opens with the message: “What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?”

The best part about the ad? ‘Little women’ (who look no older than 6 or 7-years old ) appear as pint-sized professionals living their imagined futures – from a professor to a football coach, and sharing their wisdom with adults around them as they play out their dream career.

One adorable girl confidently introduces her class she’s teaching, “Hello my name is Gwyneth and I’ll be your professor today, and I will be talking about the brain.”

For years Barbie was labeled as the archetype anti-feminist – a stereotype of femininity, hyper-sexualised and adorned in pink, pink and more pink.

But this advert is actually breaking down sexist stereotypes by proving women can do any job they want to – and shouldn’t be hindered because of their gender. On first viewing, you probably wouldn’t recognise it as a Barbie ad either [only right at the end do you actually see a girl playing with a doll].

Zendaya Zendaya’s Barbie Doll


This comes after recent changes in the Mattel world, as girl of the moment – 19-year old Zendaya Coleman proved. Last month the 19-year old actress and singer launched her own Barbie, which paid homage to the rising star. ‘When I was little I couldn’t find a Barbie that looked like me, my…how times have changed,” Zendaya wrote on her Instagram page. “Thank you @barbie for this honor and for allowing me to be apart of your diversification and expansion of the definition of beauty.” 

Barbie as a feminist icon? It might just be true…

By Emma Firth