Bake Off Viewers Had A Very Strong Reaction To Last Night’s Episode

They were NOT happy about this...

If you didn’t watch last night’s episode of The Great British Bake Off AND you managed to avoid the spoilers on Twitter then I’m afraid we’ve got some devastating news for you…

Flo was voted off by the judges.

Watching the 71-year-old struggle to hold back tears after she was booted from Bake Off broke hearts all across the UK.

Flo, who was the oldest amateur baker to ever appear on the show, is retired and one of 11 children.

She was raised in Liverpool and met her late husband Richard when she was just 21 years old and working in a sausage factory.

Flo’s son Stephen encouraged her to get into baking after Richard’s death two years ago, and she often bakes yummy treats for his restaurant and for the family, but is also partial to ‘having a boogie’ with friends.

It’s no surprise that she won the hearts of the nation, is it?

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And when she was voted off by judges Pru and Paul, viewers took to Twitter to share their opinions… And they were not happy.

While one fan praised the baker: ‘I watched again and still can’t believe it was @flo_atkins17 That went home. You are amazing and inspiring Flo. Thank you.’ others regretted even tuning in in the first place: ‘Wish id never watched lastnights bake off now.. flo was my fave [sic]’

Another suggested they keep Flo on as a permanent member of the Bake Off team: ‘ should keep @flo_atkins17 on the show just to drink tea and make comments #myhero’ while one was clearly devastated at her departure: ‘Genuine reaction to Flo leaving My boyfriend had to hold me i was so upset  #FloForPrimeMinister [sic]’

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‘Just woken up to the news that Flo got kicked off last night. That’s it. Wednesday is cancelled guys. I won’t stand for this.’ a furious fan tweeted, and another agreed: ‘What the f**k, they sent Flo home!!??!??!?? I’m gonna kick the f**k off.

One even accused the show of being ‘rigged’: ‘WAIT WHAT HOW IS FLO GOING HOME SHE’S AN ICON THIS IS RIGGED great british bake off is cancelled i can’t take flo leaving [sic]’

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Flo on our screens just yet…