BAFTAs 2017: The Bits You Might Have Missed

While you were sleeping, we were all over the BAFTAs...

The 2017 BAFTAs was a veritable feast of style, beauty, laughs and fun with a dash of seriousness. The main highlight of the night was host Stephen Fry who’s incredibly funny and sharp humour had the audience (and us) in stitches. He’s basically our hero and we love him a lot, okay?

best bits

Politics were the running theme at the event. Stephen Fry kicked things off proceedings when he pointed out Meryl Streep in the crowd. Fry called her brilliant actress and a female boss, saying that “only a blithering idiot would think differently.” You hear that President Trump? He was rewarded with a huge smacker on the lips from the actress.

Emma Stone was shocked she won an award

When the Duke of Cambridge was due to present an award onstage, Fry introduced him as “our president, Prince Bill.”

Lion’s Dev Patel was the most adorable human in the world when he thanked industry folk for accepting his wonky teeth and lazy eye into their world. Seriously, we can’t deal.

La La Land star Emma Stone genuinely looked gobsmacked at her Best Actress win, struggling to speak when picking up the award. She spoke about how important films are, especially now.

There were lots of very funny political jokes

One of the nicest moments for eyeballs happened when Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan and Rafe Spall joined forces to hand out an award. The handsome pair made the audience laugh with their dry wit, joking how difficult it must have been for Jamie to get into acting due to his ridiculous good looks.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the majority of the evening giggling and looking into each other’s eyes. They’re actually the cutest.