There’s A New Dating App Based Entirely On Bacon

The question that can make or break a relationship: how do you like your bacon?

Some like it gorgeously crispy, others like it pale, and many like it somewhere in the middle.

Many people – we can barely even imagine it – don’t like bacon. But for those that do, a brand new dating app has come to answer all of your under-fried-over-fried problems. 

Enter, Sizzl



Boasting “a real dating app for bacon lovers” the site claims to “connect with thousands of like-minded lovers who share your selective taste in bacon…”

Created by the American meat company Oscar Meyer, the free iPhone app works in the same way as the likes of Tinder and Happn, asking you to sign up through your Facebook profile, but it then fires those all-important Bacon-related questions your way.

These will set the mark for who you’re matched with.



Another unique feature of the app comes through the Sizzl-meter, which allows you to indicate your level of interest by holding down a button to increase your hunger for a person.

Now, this all sounds like a bit of a stunt, right? Well, according to the FAQ section of the website, it’s a very real dating app, and it’s “incredible”.

People are also concerned that they may encounter bacon liars, but not to worry, because we’re told how this can be dealt with: “First off, we’re very sorry you had to deal with this. You can tap the three dots on their profile and report them by selecting ‘Doesn’t love bacon.'”

Thank goodness for that, then. 

We may need to download this for ourselves…

By Laura Jane Turner