This App Will Make Sure That You’ll Never See A TV Show Spoiler Again

Spoiler culture is one of the most fiercely debated phenomenon of the internet age. When an episode of the latest record-breaking and jaw-dropping new series finishes, people can’t help themselves but spoil the show for everyone else on social media.

Everyone has differing opinions on the subject. Some don’t care about the odd spoiler because “it’s just a TV show”, some believe there should be a grace period to allow everyone to catch up and others think that everyone should just learn a little self-restraint…


The problem is with the latter option is that social media is most fun when everyone is actually agreeing that something is amazing or shocking. Unity is hard to come by these days.

Especially with shows like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, where characters drop off quicker than they can be properly developed, social media becomes a claymore field for anyone that hasn’t dedicated their lives to watching TV as it premieres.


Luckily people much smarter than us and who appreciate the sanctity of television have worked out a way to still enjoy social media without having an entire series ruined by that guy from secondary school’s insensitive ramblings that just had to put written up on Facebook.

SpoilerShield is the app that aims to put the excitement back in TV and movies. To give you that feeling of unknowing and suspense that has been missing from entertainment since nobody can help but spoil shows for their own self-gratification.

It can be downloaded as an app and a Google Chrome extension and works by filtering any Tweets or Facebook posts with any words related to the shows you want to avoid.


With Westworld being the hottest and most reveal-heavy show out there right now, you might want to get this app just in case you go into the show with the plot pretty much embedded in your subconscious.

And too all you spoilerific social media posters out there: stop ruining everyone’s fun!