You Won’t Believe How Much Time Girls Spend On Selfies

Dove has always been a brand to champion women and promote body confidence, and their new campaign is no different.

However, this time they are focusing on the self-esteem of young girls, and the stats are pretty scary.

New research commissioned by Dove Self Esteem Project shows that over one million of young girls in the UK suffer from low body confidence.

Unsurprisingly, the increasing pressures of social media are partly to blame. The study – which questioned girls aged 13-23 across the UK – found that 42% of girls feel ‘worse’ and ‘insecure’ about their appearances due to social media, and two-thirds admitted they feel prettier online than they did in real life.

The research and also found that the average girl spends 1 hour 24 minute preparing for selfies each week.

Gigi Hadid Celebs like Gigi love a selfie


In particular, Dove identified that girls were increasingly chasing validation for their selfies via ‘likes’. They found that the average girl wants 3 times more likes for her pics, and that 1 in 4 girls would delete a pic from their feed if they didn’t get enough likes.

And this is what inspired Dove to create their #NoLikesNeeded campaign. Launching this week at Women in the World summit in London with the tagline ,“We believe you can do more than a life chasing ‘Likes’”, Dove believes by highlighting this issue they can empower girls to see beyond the ‘likes’.

Having enlisted the likes of beauty bloggers Essie Button and singer Nina Nesbitt to promote the cause, Dove have created quite the social media storm with many girls already getting behind the campaign.

Essie Button Essie shared this pic with the caption “Real beauty is loving yourself inside and out #NoLikesNeeded #ad @DoveUK”

As Lucy Attley, Dove UK brand director explained, “Everyone can help a girl feel good about herself which is why we are asking parents, teachers, youth leaders and family friends to share their support for the #NoLikesNeeded campaign.”

By Elizabeth Bennett