Scarlett Moffatt’s Sister Makes Her Gogglebox Debut

Did you notice something a little odd about the Moffatt family on Friday’s Gogglebox?

As usual, we saw mum Betty, dad Mark and 25-year-old Scarlett relaxing in their lounge in Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

But there was someone else who’d joined them for a spot of telly… Mark and Betty’s younger daughter Ava-Grace!


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Scarlett had earlier hinted that something big was going to happen, Tweeting: ‘Gogglebox tonight can’t wait for you all to see the little surprise we have in the Moffatt household.’

But some viewers still ended up a tad confused.


Tweets included: ‘Hang on, they’ve introduced another Moffatt?!?! #gogglebox,’ and: ‘Scarlett Moffatt has a little sister. OMG it’s like when they introduced Dawn on Buffy!’

After everyone had got over the initial shock of being introduced to a fourth Moffatt, Ava made a pretty big impression on fans.

The nine-year-old proved she’s just as witty as her older sibling when she managed to shut Scarlett down… with one sentence. Lolz.


When the family were watching a piece on nutrition, Scarlett admitted that she didn’t know ‘no added sugar’ labels on food packaging don’t actually mean the items contain no sugar at all.

She said: ‘Just recently, I genuinely thought that “no added sugar” meant that there was, like, not a lot of sugar in it at all.’

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Scarlett Moffatt has clearly passed her wit onto her sibling



Ava simply replied: ‘Scarlett, I’m a nine year old and even I know that, and you’re 25.’ SO sassy!

Viewers clearly thought this was hilarious. One Tweeted: ‘Oh. Junior girl Moffatt, we love you! Scarlett, hand over your crown,’ while another wrote: ‘Plz make Scarlett moffatt’s sister a regular thing she’s brilliant [sic].’

Will we see Ava back on the show this week? We’ll have to wait and see…