Why Viewers Were *So* Confused By What Happened To CBB’s Aubrey O’Day Last Night

Aubrey received a video message from Pauly D during a Celebrity Big Brother task. And it got quite the reaction from viewers...

A number of the Celebrity Big Brother housemates received special guests and messages during last night’s shopping task.

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Sure, all eyes were on Stephen Bear and his visit from the ghost of girlfriend’s past (our hearts are still breaking for Lillie), but let’s not forget that Samantha Fox and Marnie Simpson also had special guests.

Aubrey O’Day, who’s one of this year’s American contestants – had a video call from her boyfriend Pauly D, and it all got totes emosh.

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, UK - 17 Aug 2016

But, wait a minute, what happened to all of the rumours that he’d ‘dumped’ her while she was in the house?

It’s safe to say that social media was a little confused:

So. What’s actually going on?!

Let’s refresh. Split rumours were first sparked when the Jersey Shore star unfollowed her on Instagram and deleted all evidence of their on-off relationship from his page.

Natch, Aubrey – who has no contact with the outside world and (shock, horror) no social media access –  would have had no idea that this had all gone down.

Bagels ( Bae-Goals )

A photo posted by DJ Pauly D (@djpaulyd) on

Pauly D never confirmed the alleged dumping, but his on-off beau resurfaced on his Instagram page a few days ago when he posted a very loved-up montage captioned ‘Bagels’. Yup, he’s talking ‘bae-goals’ for anyone that’s a little confused).

Last night he proved his love to the world by starring in the gushiest video message for his ‘wife’, leaving her fellow housemates – and the social media sphere – impressed.

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, UK - 17 Aug 2016

In the clip, he declared, ‘I love and I miss you so much, I can’t even put into words! I’ve cleaned your house, and took the babies (dogs) to the groomers.

‘I’m counting down the days till you return! Respect us in the house! Missing you…Love you so much, I miss my person, my best friend, my wife.’

Love is alive and well, people.