The Internet Reacts To Aubrey And Bear’s Confrontation On CBB

It's safe to say that Aubrey and Bear won't be doing each other's hair again anytime soon...

Thought this series of Celebrity Big Brother had got as dramatic as it could possibly get? Well, last night’s episode sure gave it a run for its money.

Aubrey O’Day and Stephen Bear, possibly the two feistiest housemates of this year’s CBB, came face-to-face in a pretty big row on Wednesday night.

Yup. Apparently changing the bed sheets can get you pretty riled up – especially if it’s spurred on by a pie in the face and involves tin tomatoes – as Bear and Aubrey’s clash came whilst they were doing the household chores.


Bear told the blonde American star, ‘Talk about egos you two [Aubrey and Renee]. I’d be embarrassed about how you performed tonight.

‘You’ve got a stick so far up your ass about a cake. It’s embarrassing.’

Aubrey didn’t appear to be in the mood for Bear’s wind-ups, as she soon hit back, branding him ‘trash’ before adding: ‘I know this is the biggest achievement you’ll probably ever have in life.’


Bear explained that he had ‘come from nothing’, before criticising her ‘ego’.


Aubrey continued, ‘You are a disease, bro. You’re like herpes, you keep coming back and coming back.’

The Ex On The Beach star pointed out that he’d survived a number of evictions, so the public must feel differently.

But Aubrey dealt him a blow: ‘They’re keeping you in because you’re a big a******.

You’re a punch line. You’re gonna get 15 mins, then it’ll be over. You should f****** rethink your strategy.’

bear cbb

Viewers wasted no time in rushing to social media to comment on the evenings events.

Many championed Aubrey for standing up to Bear, whilst some felt sorry for the prankster.

Some really weren’t impressed by Aubrey’s behaviour:

Which camp do you fall into? And who do you want to win?

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