Brexit’s Ruined ASOS, And We Can’t Even Deal

Today’s already been a hugely emotional day, what with us deciding to leave the EU and everything.

David Cameron has resigned, Google has been taken over by Brexit searches and the whole of the UK is in limbo. But do you know what’s making it worse? The fact that ASOS is also in crisis.

Yep, in a truly strange turn of events, Brexit seems to have crashed the ASOS site. And we Just. Can’t. Handle.

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Try hitting up the site for a spot of shopping, and you’re greeted by a multi-coloured flashing logo and the words: ‘Erm, ‘scuse us, we need a little time out. The site isn’t currently available but we’re doing everything we can to get it back up soon!’

Understandably, it’s sent shoppers into a spiral of despair.

‘Unexpected consequences of a #Brexit: @ASOS has crashed’, one user announced.


‘Why is @ASOS down? I can’t even shop my feelings away’, another cried.


Whilst another summed up our feelings pretty perfectly: ‘We’re out of the EU and the @ASOS website is down. What holy hell is this?’ they tweeted.

We’re not just talking a couple of minutes, either – the e-tailer has now been down for about half a day. But at least they’re tweeting about it.

‘Our website and app are down right now but hang in there – our tech gurus are working on it and we’ll be back ASAP!’ they posted a few hours ago.

*Sigh*. #prayforASOS.