Ashley Roberts Has Awkward Moment On Celebrity Juice

Celebrity Juice is known for hosting some pretty crude – and totally LOL-inducing – conversations.

Ashley Roberts found herself to be at the centre of the joke on this week’s installment of the ITV2 show.


The pop singer recalled a time that she once had a naughty dream about One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Don’t worry, you’re probably not alone on that one, Ash. 

The former Pussycat Doll ‘fessed up to having had a rather saucy dream about the music icon, and comedy presenter Keith Lemon wasn’t about to let it blow over, either.

Lemon announced, ‘You once had a sex dream about Harry Styles…’


Ashley replied, with a cheeky expression, ‘Oh god, I said that out loud. Yeah it happened. I did’.  

It was only last week that Caroline Flack experienced an awkward moment of her very own on the TV show. 

But, just like Ashley, she held her own and totally owned it. 

Celebrity Juice is on ITV2 tonight at 10pm.