MIC’s Ashley James Opens Up About Her Body Dysmorphia

Former Made In Chelsea star Ashley James has given a really honest interview about having body dysmorphia.

The blonde beauty, who dated Ollie Locke, left the show a few years ago, and has since made a name for herself as a model and fitness fanatic, whose workout photos are enjoyed by her 48k Instagram followers.

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But behind all of those sexy selfies and abs-baring shots, Ashley has been harbouring serious body confidence issues.

‘When I was on Made in Chelsea I didn’t worry about my body, it’s only in the last year that I’ve developed body dysmorphia,’ she told OK!




‘Even now I work out, and I do what I have to do to stay healthy and trim, but in my eyes I always look bigger.’

Ashley explains that her break-up from former Xtra Factor presenter Matt Richardson led her to hitting rock bottom last year, and that’s when her feelings of inadequacy started.

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‘I was just going through a bad time in my life with a break up, and one thing led to another,’ Ashley said.

‘I just hit rock bottom. And maybe it’s the pressure of being in the media, but I never really worry about what anyone else thinks — it’s more me.’



She continued: ‘I don’t know what triggered it, I just know one day I started to worry a lot that I looked bigger, because that’s how I see myself in the mirror.

‘Even now, I know that I wear size 8 clothing, I know when I feel muscle on me, I see that I have a 6 pack but I still look in the mirror and see myself bigger than I am.’



Explaining why she felt that now was the time to talk about it, Ashley added: ‘A lot of people in our age and our generation do suffer from it, which is why I decided to speak out about it.’

If you or someone you know is suffering from body dysmorphia, head to MIND for help and information.