Ashley Graham Defends Vogue After Her Cover Is Criticised

Some have suggested that the 29-year-old model was 'forced' to pose in a certain way...

Ashley Graham has hit back over criticism of US Vogue‘s March cover.

In a stunning shot, the 29-year-old model appears alongside Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Adwoa Aboah, Liu Wen, Vittoria Ceretti and Imaan Hammam.

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The strapline ‘The Beauty Revolution: No norm is the new norm’ is written in bold capitals – but some feel this message doesn’t come across quite as well as planned.

There are suggestions that Ashley has been forced to pose in a certain way, due to the fact that she’s the only girl to place her arm on her leg.

Tweets include: ‘This makes me so sad. Even though Ashley Graham is rising as a plus model, @voguemagazine still has her cover her thigh fat with her arm,’ and: ‘lmao @ ashley graham being the only one with her arm down to cover up her thigh. Tell me I’m wrong. #comeonnow #REALsubtle.’

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Hmm. After hearing about the furore, Ashley was keen to set the record straight.

When the picture was criticised over on her Instagram page, she insisted in the comments section: ‘I chose to pose like that. No one told me to do anything.’

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham replied to those who’d criticised the Vogue cover on Instagram

But this wasn’t the only thing that eagle-eyed readers noticed about the shoot. Others pointed out that Gigi’s arm appeared a teeny bit longer than usual.

One Tweeted: ‘What is wrong with Gigi’s arm and hand? Obviously photoshopped, if not her fingers are damn long and stretched,’ while another wrote: ‘What is wrong with Gigi’s arm? #photoshopfail.’

However, there could be a very good explanation for this. The hand could actually belong to Ashley, and be wrapped around her own waist.

Whatever the case, they all look AMAZING. We can’t wait to see more of this ‘no norm’.