This Celebrity Has Ariana Grande As Her On-Call Stylist

And we’re very jealous.

The Golden Globes took place earlier this week, and in a symbolic protest against the mistreatment of women, attendees wore black, with some even donning a special pin to promote the Times Up movement.

While adhering to the blackout dress code, 13-year-old Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown still managed to stand out, taking to the red carpet in a stunning black dress with a statement ruffle neckline and a plunging back, teaming it with silver heels and Repossi jewellery.

While she confidently walked the red carpet advocating for women’s rights alongside her co-stars and fellow attendees, even MBB needed a second opinion on her attire.

That’s right, it seems celebrities are just like us, and require a few words of encouragement from their friends to tell them that their outfit is a go-er, with Millie Bobby Brown revealing that she enlisted some help from Ariana Grande.

Posting a screenshot of their conversation to her Insta stories, Millie Bobby Brown showed how she ran her outfit by the One Last Time singer before attending the Globes and thankfully, it got the singer’s seal of approval.

‘I mean, Jesus. That’s unbelievable’ Ariana Grande can be seen writing. ‘Who is it? Wowowowowowowo sooooooo fly – and yes to the black and like yes.’

She continued: ‘Proud. Gorgeous. Stunning. Bye.’

The 13-year-old Stranger Things actress certainly seemed to appreciate the support, captioning the upload: ‘Ariana Grande – love her so much.’

Can Ariana Grande be on call to talk us through our wardrobe choices too please?