Are you working for any of the best employers in the UK?

Employee satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. Happy workers are productive workers, after all, and the overwhelming evidence continues to prove it so.

It’s truly in employers’ best interest to make their workers happy enough to recommend their own job to a potential new staff member.

A new survey, as reported by The Telegraph, has revealed the top 50 best employers to work with based on Bloomberg’s index of the country’s most favoured companies to work for in the UK.

Unsurprisingly there’s a wealth of huge and international employers including Jaguar Land Rover who have taken the number one spot as the best employer to work for in the UK.

The survey used to determine the prestigious leader board questions over 15,000 people about how they feel about their jobs in full honesty which, we’re sure, yielded some interesting responses given these are anonymous surveys.

If you’re looking for some national pride, seven out of every ten in the top 50 are British companies, the report showed. It’s worth having a look at the top 20 in the country below and see if your company made it there and if not, whether it’s worth pointing your sails for a career change. You can see the full 50 here.

Bloomberg’s 50 best employers in the UK

1) Jaguar Land Rover

2) AstraZeneca

3) Harrods

4) Adidas

5) Dyson

6) Microsoft

7) Estee Lauder

8) Sky

9) Frankie and Benny’s

10) Rolls-Royce Group

11) Nike

12) Cancer Research UK

13) Lush

14) Airbus

15) BBC

16) Google

17) Vauxhall Motors

18) Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

19) Pets At Home

20) John Lewis Partnership

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