So *Are* Love Island’s Sophie And Tom Back Together?

Love Island may have come to an end (SRSLY, we don’t know how we’re ever going to cope) but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped wondering what’s going on with the couples.

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Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon had their fair share of dramz on the show, but it only got more complicated when Tom was voted out.

Yup, the 24-year-old was forced to leave his love behind, only to watch her couple up with newcomer Katie Salmon.


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They even shared a cheeky kiss on their first date.

But in a shock turn of events, Soph’ had an epiphany about her true feelings for Tom, and decided that she wanted to follow her heart back home and reconcile with him.

But was it too late?


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The pair have been sending some pretty cryptic messages on Twitter, leaving fans confused about whether they’d decided to give things another go.

Last night, though, something happened that’s got fans convinced that they’re on good terms again.

Sophie, who recently made her Snapchat public, shared a story on Monday evening which showed herself and Tom chilling together.



Oooh. Did they watch the final together?!

Fans were quick to react, with comments including: ‘AND TOM AND SOPHIE ARE TOGETHER ON HER SNAPCHAT I AM LIVINGGGGGGG’ and ‘omfg Sophie is on Tom’s snapchat this is tha best day ever’ [sic].

The shipping clearly hasn’t stopped.

And we can’t wait to see if these two really can work it out now they’re back on the outside.