Are Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton Back Together?

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton said to be back on track after an emotional reunion in LA left the exes realising they wanted to give their relationship another shot. Aw! 

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole split from her Formula One beau last month after five years together, with both blaming the break-up on conflicting work commitments. But after 35-year-old Nic invited Lewis to her plush Beverley Hills mansion for a heart-to-heart over the weekend, it appears the former flames have found a way to make it work second time round…

“Both Nicole and Lewis had a bit of time off so it was the perfect time to meet”, a source told The Mirror. “After the split he was devastated so when he suggested that he fly out to see Nicole, he was delighted she said yes.

“He went to her house in Los Angeles to talk things through and both thought it was a great success. It was the last opportunity when they could spend time together and talk through their future.”

But with Nicole now stationed in the UK for this year’s X Factor and Lewis scheduled to be racing around the world with his F1 team over the next few months, keeping that long-distance love alive isn’t going to be a breeze.

“They desperately want to be together but they know that from now until Christmas is going to be really tough”, the source adds. “They’re both willing to give it their best shot and try to make a success of it though.”

We hoped this day would come. Between Nicole’s recent confessions of loneliness and Lewis’s cryptic tweets pining for his ex, neither seemed to be coping well without one another.

Let’s hope Nic & Lew 2:0 is a success story second time round!

By Robyn Munso

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