The Hilarious Moment You Probably Missed On Saturday Night Takeaway

Ant McPartlin had a slightly awkward slip-up during the show...

If there’s one thing you can always rely on Ant and Dec for, it’s a guaranteed chuckle. Or 12.

Our favourite funny fellas have been back at it again with the laughs, enjoying quite the escapade during this weekend’s Saturday Night Takeaway. 

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Near the start of the episode, we saw co-host Scarlett Moffatt answer phone calls from viewers who knew audience members willing to participate in a game.

At one point, Ant had to run down an aisle to get to a woman waiting to play. But unfortunately, the segment wasn’t all smooth sailing – as the poor guy managed to trip over. Eeeep.

Luckily for the 41-year-old, his slip up managed to go mostly unnoticed by the many fans of the show. Until now, anyway. See below…

LOLz. And the dramatics didn’t quite stop there for him and Dec. Just hours later, an intruder scaled a wall and attempted to gain access to the studio.

ITV reps have since confirmed this, issuing the statement: ‘A youth who attempted to gain access to the London Television Centre, as a prank, at 11pm last night was quickly apprehended by our security team when he triggered an alarm as he climbed an external wall.’

According to the Daily Mirror, police had arrived shortly after the prankster set off the alarm.

Crikey. Sounds like a standard Saturday night for Ant and Dec, really.

Alice Perry