Ant And Dec Suffer Awkward Technical Glitch On I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

We feel for them!

Let’s be honest, half the fun of watching live TV is spotting when something doesn’t run according to plan.

With I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here containing live segments every single night, it doesn’t come as a surprise that things might go wrong every now and again – much to our enjoyment.

Last night’s I’m A Celeb ended on a totally awkward note after Ant and Dec found themselves at the centre of a technical glitch.

On the show, the dynamic duo were seen informing celebrities that they could potentially win immunity for themselves in an upcoming challenge.

When they were away from the camp, following a link to the show’s spin off I’m A Celeb Extra Camp, the camera flashed back onto Ant and Dec sooner than planned.

Realising they were live on air by accident, duo were left standing awkwardly on camera, and with no other lines to say they stood in silence for a few seconds and looked blankly into the camera.

Ahhh, so awks.

Ant and Dec were then seen shuffling their que cards and attempting to signal the crew to the accidental broadcast.

After the embarrassing moment, the official I’m A Celeb Twitter account issued an apology to viewers, saying ‘Sorry about the weird end to the show everyone. Some tech issues. But hey, we are LIVE from Australia! See you tomorrow. A.’

Viewers responded to the tweet with floods of support and didn’t fail to see the funny side of the glitch, with one user saying ‘funny seeing you on the telly when you thought you weren’t on telly’ and another writing, ‘Don’t worry lads! Funniest part of the show!’

We totally understand the pressure of live shows and that technology isn’t always on our side! We think the boys handled it perfectly.

By Catherine Delves