Everyone’s Talking About *That* Awkward Dec Moment

Ant and Dec are no strangers to dealing with awkward celebrity moments, especially at the BRITs.

Yup, we’re flashing back to that 2015 selfie encounter with Instagram queen Kim Kardashian. LOL. 

But the 2016 BRIT Awards brought it’s own drama for the comedy duo – but, don’t panic – they handled the situation like absolute pros, natch.

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Out of all of the dramatic outfits that made their way down the red carpet, it was fashion designer Pam Hogg’s special guest who really grabbed everyone’s attention. 

Her jumpsuit was almost ALL mesh, with little pvc adornments to cover the important bits – because, she was pretty naked under there. 


And Dec’s face pretty much summed up every viewer’s reaction. 

Sadie shimmied on over to the presenters during a live section, and we CANNOT stop replaying Donnelly’s head turn. 


Twitter clocked it too, with one writing, ‘Best bit of #BRITs so far – Dec’s face at this scantily clad intruder! #thebritawards’. 

Another tweeted, ‘Was that basically naked woman in the bodysuit planned?? The look on Dec’s face! @antanddec #Brits’.