Twitter Isn’t Happy With Ant & Dec After Last Night’s I’m A Celebrity Prank

Was the presenting duo's 'joke' about Stephen Hawking a step too far...?

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are national treasures.

We’ve all grown up with this cheeky Geordie duo on our screens – heck, even Scarlett Moffatt got excited when reminiscing about Wonky Donkey – so it’s hard to think of either of them stepping a foot wrong when it comes to public opinion.

But, believe it or not, Ant & Dec appeared to upset quite a few people with a joke during last night’s offering of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. 


It all began when Gogglebox‘s Scarlett Moffatt revealed that she once tried to emailProfessor Stephen Hawking (yup, the very one) with a theory about time. Err, that’s definitely something we’d love to have a read of.

Ant McPartlin took the opportunity to suggest that they call the famous physicist to ask for his feedback on Scarlett’s theories. You can probably see where this is headed…

Stephen and David battle it out to be more famous

During the ‘call’, an electronic-sounding voice was used. Of course, the real Professor Hawking uses a speech-generator to communicate, having been left paralysed by motor neurone disease. So, we’re sure you can understand that many would have seen the mimicking of this as inappropriate.

Sure enough, many took to social media to claim that the ‘joke’ segment was in poor taste.

One user wrote, ‘Shame on #imaceleb for taking the mickie out of stephen hawking!’

Another added: ‘I found the Stephen Hawking jokes extremely distasteful tbh’ [sic].

Others simply decided that they wanted to get hold of the original email

We really hope that this manages to surface online somewhere…