Um. Did Ant and Dec Really Just Fall Out On I’m A Celebrity…?

The pair appeared to have an awkward argument on last night's show...

There was a pretty awkward moment between Ant and Dec on last night’s I’m A Celebrity.

In fact, the pair’s firm friendship appeared to be tested as they celebrated the show’s 300th Bushtucker Trial. Eep.

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Ant and Dec

Ant looked pretty peeved with his BFF

Ant, 41, was keen to mark the special occasion with a special tribute to the challenges. However, Dec wasn’t going to let this go down without a hitch.

The 41-year-old insisted on repeatedly reminding viewers that the milestone trial would take place during the show.

But every mention of this released confetti into the studio, which clearly got Ant’s back up.

He asked him to wait until the end of their camera link to make the announcement, so that they could launch the confetti at the right time.

Ant and Dec have been pals since their teen years

Ant and Dec have been pals since their teen years

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But when Dec refused, an argument broke out between the pals.

An enraged Ant shouted at his co-presenter for ruining the celebration, while the crew members told him to stop causing trouble.

He then asked if he could pay tribute to the 300th Bushtucker Trial without being interrupted.

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Dec did eventually allow him to do this – but his plan ended up falling through when they realised they’d run out of confetti. Awks.

Of course, the BFFs didn’t actually fall out. It was all a well-planned skit – although we did get a little nervous at one point.

Let’s hope everything is plain sailing throughout the rest of the series…