Ant And Dec Were Separated On I’m A Celeb And Viewers WEREN’T Happy

The dynamic duo were SPLIT UP on last night's show.

There are some thing that are just meant to go together; Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, Ross and Rachel, Cheese and wine.. .Wine and more wine.

Well, Ant and Dec are kind of like that. Whether it’s on a presenting job or walking the red carpet, the iconic pair are barely seen without each other.

Which is why last night’s I’m A Celeb caused national shock and panic as Ant and Dec were separated. Yup, SEPARATED.

In a brief presenting moment, Ant was standing alone and presenting to camera – with loyal Dec nowhere to be seen. Then, Dec also presented alone with no Ant in sight.

You’d of thought that hell had frozen over as the British public didn’t hesitate to freak out…

Wow. We can’t imagine they were expecting such a strong reaction. But we can 100% get where the British public are coming from – they are two parts of one national treasure. We mean, they even have a joint Twitter account. The bond doesn’t get stronger than that, does it? #friendshipgoals

After realising they had sent the whole of the UK into mass meltdown, ITV were quick to tweet to reassure everyone that the fatal error would NEVER happen again. The channel said, ‘OK guys. We promise we’ll NEVER split @antanddec up again. Please stop panicking!’.

Despite the tweet attempting to calm the chaos, it seems that even MORE reassurance was needed as ITV tweeted an ‘official statement’. The tweet read, ‘OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Last night we made a mistake. We apologise to the nation. We promise we will NEVER split @antanddec again.’

Thank goodness for that!

We can now sleep easy at night knowing that Ant and Dec will never ever be presenting without one another again. The natural order of things has been restored *exhales*.

By Catherine Delves