The Answers To Google’s Most Searched Fashion Questions

You wanted, you got. These'll make your life SO much easier...

Google’s annual ‘Year In Search’ results are here. Yep, we’re about to see exactly what you’ve been looking at in your spare time. Okay, we’re kidding. Breathe. It actually only reports on the most searched for names, questions and news stories, so no, your strange inquisitions aren’t about to be made public. The most searched female, meanwhile, came out as Prince Harry’s new squeeze Meghan Markle, while Brexit topped the search for new stories. No surprise there. And fashion? Apparently it’s the practical stuff we’re most interested in.

Here’s the top ten questions every fashionista wants answered:

1. How can I get ink out of my clothes?

Answer: Douse with denatured alcohol.

2. How do I tie a Windsor knot?

Answer: We’d try and explain, but this one probably requires a few YouTube tutorials. Here’s our fave:

3. How should I iron silk?

Answer: Wet your clothes and place a towel between the iron and your silk.

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4. How do I use a needle threader?

Answer: Again, YouTube:

5. How do I shrink clothes?

Answer: Soak in boiling hot water until cold.

6. How do I get lipstick out of clothes?

Answer: Dab with grease solvent until stain disappears.

7. How can I stretch my T-shirt?

Answer: There’s way too many components to list in this one:

8. How can I get chewing gum off jeans?

Answer: Rub with ice until the gum freezes and falls off.

9. How should I clean white Converse?

Answer: Wash as usual in washing machine with detergent and baking soda.

10. How can I get wax off clothes?

Answer: Scrape off excess with knife, place kitchen towel over fabric and iron until wax starts to seep through. Repeat until all the wax has melted.