Another Celebrity Has Called Out Binky Felstead For Her ‘Skinny’ Selfies

Errr. We're not sure we're happy with the body-shaming...

There’s a few things that have just come to be expected on Instagram, right?

Food shots, pouty selfies and OOTDs are just a few. But we also love to see a little body confidence sprinkled across our feeds. We embrace every shape and size, it’s just great to see someone showing their bod’ a little lovin’.

Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead is known for a showing off the results of her fitness journey every now and then, but another reality star seems to have taken issue with this.

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Geordie Shore‘s Marnie Simpson, who’s previously had a run-in with MIC’s Lucy Watson, has spoken out about the idea of posting ‘skinny snaps’.

Love my lashes from my @chloegshore1 new range with @geordie_lash in the lash Eden. 💕

A photo posted by M A R N I E | G . S H O R E 👽 (@marniegshore) on

According to Now, the former Celebrity Big Brother star has said, ‘MIC girls like Binky Felstead are breaking the girl code by posting such skinny snaps online, because it makes other girls feel overweight. Stop it!’

Ooh. Bit harsh, no?

We’re not fond of body-shaming of ANY kind, and we’re sure that Binks isn’t intentionally trying to make anybody else feel bad with her selfies.

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Sadly, though, the E4 star isn’t a stranger to skinny-shaming, with fans taking issue with her new look a number of times before. Sigh.

Poor Binky has previously been branded ‘too skinny’ and ‘small’ by fans.

We think she’s looking fabulous, and she’s got every right to post whatever photos she chooses on her own Instagram account.

You know the saying; if you don’t like it, don’t follow.