Why Being A Hollyoaks Actress *Isn’t* So Glam

Turns out, there are a few downsides to working on a show as big as Hollyoaks.

Being confused with the two-timing character you’re playing? Yep, that’s definitely one of them.

Anna Passey stars as Sienna Blake in the Channel 4 soap, who’s done a whole load of mean things since she first appeared in the village back in 2012.



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We’re talking faking a pregnancy, stealing someone’s life, hiding the fact that her teenage daughter is a murderer…

But it was actually one of Sienna’s first ever storylines that really got people angry – her affair with much-loved character Darren Osborne.

> Sienna Blake’s fling with Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) angered some viewers


In fact, this actually caused Anna to be targeted in public. Eep.

Talking to Jamie Laing on In Bed With Jamie, she explains: ‘When I first joined the show, I was having an affair with this character called Darren – who everybody really likes

‘One day, I was doing my supermarket shopping at the Asda – which is what they say in Liverpool – and a woman came storming over yelling at me. She said: “I can’t believe you, you home-wrecking bleep!”‘



‘Usually I have a little disguise, I was wearing my baseball cap so I didn’t think anyone would know who I was. I was so embarrassed.

‘I was just thinking: “What if people don’t watch the show? They are going to think I am this home-wrecking bleep in real life!” So I just put down my basket and ran away!’

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> Sienna Blake is now having to choose between Trevor Royle and Ben Bradley


Unfortunately, we think Anna may have to work on her diguise, as Sienna’s still up to no good.

While her tryst with Darren is now over, her current storyline sees her pursuing Trevor Royle (Greg Wood), who’s engaged to Grace (Tamara Wall).

Oh, and this is all while she’s supposed to be getting married to her fiancé Ben Bradley (Ben Richards). Thank God it’s not real life, eh?