Anna Kendrick: Why We’re Still Obsessed With The Pitch Perfect Star


Anna Kendrick has been confirmed for Pitch Perfect 3 (scream!) which has just been confirmed for July 2017. Double scream! And Anna’s confirmed she’s back to play the awesome Beca.

But her acca-awesome performance in PP1 and PP2 isn’t the only reason why we love her because she’s also famous for her Twitter account. Highlights include: ‘For someone with such an intense need to be liked, you’d think I would have figured out how to be less of an a**hole.’ LOLs. 

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We sat down with the actress to discuss her incredible year so far. We’re so in love with her…

Hi Anna, you’ve done so much this year already – do you ever question your success?

There have always been points in my life where I’ve struggled or felt inadequate. But that’s always something that people have to deal with. You’re never free of seld-doubt, no matter how well things are going. There’s always that voice inside you that says: ‘You’re not good enough.’ Too much of that is unhealthy, but at the same time it drives you and makes you want to excel.

What was it that inspired you to act in the first place?

I actually started doing musical theatre when I was really little – I always wanted to perform and began auditioning for things in New York. My parents were supportive and let me do that, and I did a Broadway show when I was 12, which led to films. Music has always been an emotional companion for me and it’s almost second nature for me to want to express myself by singing. It can really tap something deeper inside you.

Anna Kendrick confirms Pitch Perfect 3 on Instagram Pitches are back, for the third time! Anna Kendrick posted this on Instagram to confirm it


Despite your success in New York, you moved to LA. What was the hardest thing you faced there?

Making the rent and paying bills! Most people, certainly most actors, go through some kind of experience and it’s not fun. I still remember struggling to make ends meet in LA. One of my worst memories is having to bring a cashier’s cheque to pay my electricity bill, because I had written several bad cheques before.

But now you’re this huge star! Has it made you more extravagant?

I’m still frugal! I drove a Prius for over ten years until it died. Then, I went back to buy another Prius, but a used one, and I had to bring my best friend Aubrey [Plaza, of Parks And Recreation] along with me to help me negotiate. I was dealing with this horrible sales guy, who was making such a fuss because I wanted to drive the price down a bit. He was playing hardball and pulling all the regular salesman’s tricks. But then Aubrey started getting in his face, something I really couldn’t bring myself to do, and our good cop/bad cop routine paid off. I drove off in the Prius and we had a lot of fun celebrating that night!

Almost miraculously, you’ve managed to keep your love life out of the spotlight. What have you learned about relationships?

What I’ve taken away is that even if you’re not meant to be with someone forever, you should just enjoy the journey you’ve taken. Even if a relationship ends, or ends badly, you should try to take solace in the good times and the good things about that time you spend with someone. It might be hard at the time you’re breaking up with someone to think that way, but after a while when the pain subsides you can frame it in a different way. I tell myself that a failed relationship is not a waste of time. You always learn something from that experience.

We spotted you hanging out with Victoria Beckham at the British Fashion Awards last year, too – are you part of the fashion elite now?

[Laughs] Fashion people are crazy! They really know how to party. I was like: ‘How do you all look this good?’ I was nervous before, because I thought everyone would just be mean and pretty, which is such a lethal combination, but they were so jolly and nice.

You’re so successful on Twitter. Did you expect that when you sent your first tweet?

I love Twitter, although I still don’t think I’m able to be as cool as people now expect me to be. I have an ironic sense of humour that doesn’t always play well when I’m doing talk shows or print interviews. But Twitter has given me the chance to acquaint people with my peculiar sense of humour, and now when they see me, they get me. At least I’m lucky that being a little nerdy is now almost a way of being perceived as cool. But it never helped me in high school, although my mother says that not being popular was probably a good thing. I still don’t agree wit that. I would have rather been popular!



By Giselle Wainwright