Angelina Jolie Had A Tattoo ‘Binding’ Her To Brad Pitt Months Before Split

Pitt also had one, using the same ink...

They separated in October last year but just a few months before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were super committed, showing their love with ‘symbolically binding’ tattoos. Ouch.

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The new tatts took place in Cambodia in February 2016 during a break filming First They Killed My Father. The Sak yant tattoos are done with steel rods and a surgical needle meaning they, like, REALLY hurt.

According to The Sun Brad reportedly got a Buddhist symbol on his tummy while wife Ange added three new tatts to her back collection. Both Brad and Angelina’s tattoos were done using the same ink, binding them forever.

The then-happy couple shared the same ink for their new tattoos

Or until they split, anyway.

A few months after the permanent inkings were added Angelina and Brad announced they were separating after an apparent incident between the actor and their eldest son, Maddox.

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Since then Jolie has opened up about the split, saying she, Brad and their brood of 6 will “always be a family.”

And they will always be bound by Thai tattoos.